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The Daily wants to honor Americans who have died from the coronavirus.
The Daily is working on a special episode memorializing the people we have lost to Covid-19 in the United States. If you have lost someone close to you during the pandemic and would like to share their name with us, please follow the instructions below.
Please RECORD A VOICE MEMO and email it to The Daily inbox at thedaily@nytimes.com with the information in this example:
Name of Your Loved One: Jane Doe
Relationship to You: My English teacher
Age at Time of Passing: 61 years old
Date of Death: April 2020
If you want to say anything else about them — something specific that you miss, something unique or something that defined them as a person — please let us know in your voice note.
Finally, if you’re so moved, tell us the story of your journey with grief during the pandemic — be as specific as possible. What was surprising? Where did you find joy? Was there a moment that your grief shifted? How has this journey changed you? What have you learned about loss?
Feel free to send any questions you have about the process to The Daily inbox (thedaily@nytimes.com).
By submitting a voice note to The Daily’s inbox, you are choosing to publicly share any information contained in that voice note, including any audio that is reasonably capable of identifying you directly or indirectly and any information that would be considered personal information protected under applicable privacy law.
By submitting a voice note, you also consent to The Daily publicly sharing in a recorded episode of the podcast the information contained in that voice note. Please think carefully before submitting any sensitive information about yourself, your loved ones, or others. You should not share any information about yourself, your loved ones, or others that you would not want made public. In addition, we will collect but not make public the contact details you provide, such as your name and email address. Contact details will only be used to verify identity, confirm receipt of voice notes, or follow up for more information.
By emailing The Daily’s inbox with your voice note, you further agree to the Reader Submission Terms, including our Terms of Service, and acknowledge that you have read and understood our Privacy Policy. Your contact details and voice note will not be used for any other purposes except as described above.


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