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IggyBoy is the exclusive hot metaverse project from 1ATH.studio and it is still generating a lot of noise in the NFT space. Spots on its whitelist are being whittled away by potential owners but there is still time to make things happen for yourself.
1ATH.studio is an acronym for One All Time High Studio. The name aims to share the vision of the studio to one day be a major player in the NFT metaverse niche. To achieve this, 1ATH.studio have gone on a journey of organically building and leveraging connections.
Now, they have the connections, the experts and the funding to deliver on their huge potential. Luckily for us, their first project is almost here and its IggyBoy. Yes, the same IggyBoy that you might have come across on social media outlets. The craze is real but you are running out of time to steal an advantage over others
The studio is offering a chance for people to purchase this exclusive hot metaverse project at a discount price by simply joining their whitelist. Stop dallying and join now. 
If you don’t know much about whitelists and how they work, thank the NFT gods for leading you to this page cause you’re in luck. A whitelist is a list of people with an inside track to obtaining an NFT. Individuals who make it to such a list are granted the opportunity to purchase an NFT during the presale instead of waiting for the public sale. In the case of IggyBoy, this represents an even more massive opportunity. Read on to find out why.
The first reason is the connections that the team has been shown to possess. If you’re in doubt, visit their website. However, more important than the connections they already possess, are the ones that they are trying to possess. One of the biggest ways they are doing this is by offering automatic whitelist spots to an ultra-exclusive sect of NFT owners; owners of the famous bored apes. Yup, the same bored apes.
This is an indication of how far the developers of this project believe they can go and there’s still some time to stake a claim to a whitelist spot but the window is shrinking.
Unfortunately, the first two stages for joining the whitelist has closed but no need to worry, the third stage has commenced since Feb 2 and is still on. All you have to do to bag one of these exclusive whitelist spots is complete a few tasks.
Note that the whitelist of this exclusive hot gem was only designed to take 1000 numbers and there are only about 300 left. Furthermore, the whitelisting conditions become more difficult as the spots reduce and this is more reason to stop seating and reading alone.
A key selling point of this project has been its status as a utility NFT. This project is not simply about leveraging uniqueness or a trend like others. Instead, they are intended to be characters in the metaverse, and, most importantly, an entry into a community that is being developed to be a critical cog in the metaverse. This is a metaverse NFT through and through.
This is an opportunity to earn a spot in a groundbreaking metaverse project. Secure one of the few available spots on the whitelist and place yourself in a prime position to be a metaverse pioneer. 
Those interested in learning more about the various ways this utility NFT is expected to grow may visit the official websites: https://1ath.studio/ and https://iggyboy.1ath.studio/
Get exciting news and updates by following them on social media:
Twitter  –  https://twitter.com/1ATHStudio
Discord  – https://www.discord.gg/1athstudio
Medium – https://1athstudio.medium.com/

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