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Join David Leonhardt on March 9 for the latest on Ukraine and the state of the pandemic, and watch the actress Ariana DeBose share readers’ Tiny Love Stories.

Russian forces continue to make gains in President Vladimir V. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, as a humanitarian crisis there grows. But a swift victory has eluded him.
To understand the latest developments on Ukraine, join New York Times senior writer David Leonhardt for a virtual event bringing to life the breadth and depth of The Times newsletter The Morning.
Sabrina Tavernise, a correspondent for The New York Times, has been covering the war in Ukraine for the Times podcast “The Daily.” She will speak with David and describe what she has seen on the ground.
And it’s a word that has expressed what many have been longing for since around March 2020: normalcy.
New cases of Covid-19 have been declining in a growing list of places. Recent C.D.C. guidelines suggest that 70 percent of Americans can stop wearing masks, and some governors say Americans will need to learn how to live with the virus.
But what will that mean? And when will it be? Is this moment different from previous glimmers of hope?
Hear the latest from two public health researchers and physicians, Dr. Monica Gandhi and Dr. Robert Wachter of the University of California, San Francisco. Gandhi and Wachter have done extensive work communicating the risks of Covid-19 to the public, particularly on Twitter, but their stances sometimes differ: Gandhi tends to embrace a quicker return to normal while Wachter is more cautious. They’ll take your video questions, which you can submit after registering for the event.
Does a possible new state of the world mean renewed levels of social interaction, relationships and even love? Daniel Jones and Miya Lee, Modern Love editors, and Anna Martin, host of the “Modern Love” podcast, will join us to explore optimism through our readers’ own Tiny Love Stories: short, true tales of love, with the theme of hope and renewal. Ariana DeBose, who was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Steven Spielberg’s remake of “West Side Story,” will read a selection of her and our editors’ favorite reader submissions.
We hope you’ll join us.


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