Newspaper headlines: Russia's 'false flag' plot, and a 'whiff of Munich' –

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"This has the whiff of Munich" is the Sunday Times' top headline, reporting comments from the UK defence secretary that some of the diplomatic attempts to stop Russia from attacking Ukraine are akin to the appeasement of Hitler in 1938.
Ben Wallace is said to be frustrated with the attitude of some Western allies.
They are not named in the article, but the paper's leader column says that, by planning to double imports of Russian gas, Germany's Chancellor Olaf Scholz is exposed to the charge he is putting his country's interests ahead of Europe's.
The Sunday Telegraph believes Russia will seize on a "false flag" event as a pretext for a full-scale invasion so it can claim it is responding to Ukrainian or Western aggression.
Writing in the Observer, the London mayor, Sadiq Khan, says he will oppose any successor to Met Police Chief Cressida Dick who lacks a "robust plan" for tackling the deep cultural problems within the force.
He argues Londoners will only act as the "eyes and ears" of the police if the necessary trust is restored.
The paper says his comments set up a "dramatic showdown" with Home Secretary Priti Patel, who will make the final decision on the appointment.
The Sunday Times reports a 34-year-old NHS hospital doctor has been arrested for alleged child sexual assault.
It understands he was the subject of complaints over the examinations of two girls aged seven and 15 at Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley.
He was excluded from the trust in March and arrested in December.
It says Staffordshire Police has now launched "Operation Anzu" – a major incident review of his work with more than 100 children and vulnerable adults in Dudley and also the Royal Stoke University Hospital.
The paper says the man has been released on bail, is cooperating with the investigations, and denies any criminality.
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A source has told the Sunday Mirror that Levi Bellfield's recent confession that he killed Lin Russell and her daughter Megan in Kent in 1996 was a "sick joke".
It claims the four-page statement from inside prison was reportedly to "mess" with Michael Stone, who is serving life for the murders but has always denied them.
The Sun reports that two new witnesses have come forward after Bellfield's confession, one of whom is described as highly credible.
The new minister for Brexit opportunities, Jacob Rees-Mogg, tells the Sunday Express that separation from Brussels will deliver dividends and claims there are many "big wins" in the pipeline, including freeports, gene editing, and a Procurement Bill that helps smaller firms compete with corporations for government contracts.
The Mail on Sunday reveals that Prince Charles and Camilla will be crowned side-by-side in a radically streamlined coronation.
It says the ceremony will be shorter and more representative of different community groups and faiths.
The last time a Queen Consort was crowned alongside a King was in 1937, with King George VI and Elizabeth, who later became the Queen Mother.
Finally, a new book by Prince Harry will be a "bombshell for Queen Camilla", according to the headline in the Sunday People.
The paper claims the Duke of Sussex is said to have snubbed the woman his mother allegedly called "The Rottweiler".
It says the memoir, due out before Christmas, will "shake the monarchy to the core".
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