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All Covid-19 restrictions have ended in Guernsey.
The Civil Contingencies Authority said on 9 February it would not renew emergency regulations as they were "no longer proportionate or necessary".
It means the mandatory requirement to self-isolate ends, but the government is reminding islanders Covid has "not gone away".
It said staying at home when unwell must now "become part of Bailiwick culture".
The government requested anyone who tested positive for Covid to "do the right thing" and voluntarily stay at home.
All Covid border restrictions for Guernsey have also been lifted.
The restrictions ended due to the mass vaccine uptake and strong evidence that showed critical services could be maintained.
Measures recommended by public health are:
Director of Public Health, Dr Nicola Brink, said: "We need this mantra to become part-and-parcel of our everyday culture, not just now but into the future.
"It needs to be socially unacceptable to put others at risk by going to work, events or anywhere where you'll be in close proximity with other people, if you're unwell."
Lateral flow tests will continue to be available from the government for free.
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