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We want to hear about the books that have most affected our readers’ lives.

What are the books that made you see the world a little differently? The books that inspired you or taught you something new? The books that made you … you?
We want to hear about them for an upcoming live New York Times conversation on the books that shaped us, hosted by MJ Franklin, an editor at The Times Book Review, with the writer Alexander Chee, author of “The Queen of the Night,” and Lauren Christensen, a Book Review editor. The conversation will take place on March 10, at 1 p.m. Eastern time, on Twitter Spaces, a live audio feature on the social media platform.
Tell us below what books influenced you, and how, and we may include them in the conversation. Some Times readers who submit their thoughts will be invited to discuss their selections live with Mr. Franklin and Mr. Chee.


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