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Protesters gathered outside a Jimmy Carr gig urging him to apologise for his comments about the Holocaust.
The comedian came under fire for saying "nobody talks about the positives" in reference to the Nazi murders of thousands of people from the Roma, Sinti and traveller communities.
A number of protesters gathered outside the Cambridge Corn Exchange on Wednesday.
Carr's representatives have been approached for comment.
The comedian made his comments in a Netflix special, His Dark Material. Before delivering the controversial lines, he told the audience it "should be a career ender".
He has since said the comments had an "educational quality".
Martin Ward, who was protesting on Wednesday, said as a traveller he was "absolutely disgusted" by the comment.
"We feel violated," he said.
Mr Ward said Carr should "hurry up and apologise to all the communities you've offended".
Rhoda Calladine said: "The Holocaust was an awful thing.
"I don't see how you can make a joke about people losing their lives.
"I think he should apologise, a joke's a joke but he's crossed the boundary."
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