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Eight aircraft with Russian connections have been removed from the Isle of Man's Aircraft Registry, the government has said.
It comes amid a search for assets held by those linked to the country following the invasion of Ukraine.
The aircraft were deregistered in line with UK sanctions, which have been mirrored by the island's government.
Chief Minister Alfred Cannan said the island "will not be a safe haven for Russian money or assets".
Any penalties introduced by the UK, which has constitutional responsibility for the island's international relations, are automatically implemented by Manx authorities.
The eight aircraft were identified as part of an ongoing review of the island's ship and air registries for any connections to Russia, a government spokesman said.
No connections to the Isle of Man Ship Registry have yet been identified, although further action was "likely to follow as the situation evolves", he said.
He added that sanctions listings were being reviewed each day to ensure that steps that "support the co-ordinated international response" were taken.
It comes as the island's Financial Services Authority (FSA) told firms to be "vigilant" in the enforcement of sanctions against those listed by the UK.
The regulator said it was aware that some businesses have Russian customers or connections, and stressed it was "imperative" island firms carried out their anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism obligations.
In a letter to the industry, the FSA warned companies to be alert to any effort to circumvent sanctions, including changes of ownership, adding there had "never been a more important time" for compliance officers.
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