Elon Musk’s Satoshi Tweet Sparks Speculation, Ripple’s Court Rulings Might Be Revealed at End of March: Crypto News Digest by U.Today – U.Today

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is known for his love of memes, as well as for his mysterious posts on Twitter. Yesterday, he combined the best of two worlds by posting a relatively old Satoshi-related meme, in which the names of the largest Asian companies (Samsung, Toshiba, Nakamichi and Motorola) are combined together, forming “Satoshi Nakamoto.” Most of Musk’s followers enjoyed the joke, but some went as far as assuming that he is hinting at Satoshi’s background, suggesting that he is not Japanese but Korean and American mixed.
John Deaton, founder of the firm Cryptolaw, has shared yet another opinion on how the Ripple-SEC case would develop. In his recent tweet, Deaton wrote that Ripple’s expected court rulings might come down as soon as the end of March, referring to “the 6 months list,” i.e., a list of motions pending for 6 months or longer that is submitted by the judges to Congress twice per year. According to Deaton, the next list is due March 31, and if Judge Torres does not issue a ruling on the pending motions, she must report those motions for inclusion on the six-month list.

Ripple v. SEC: Brad Garlinghouse Expecting Some Court Decisions Soon

According to its official announcement yesterday, Minswap debuted on the Cardano mainnet. From now on, its users can deposit liquidity in exchange for rewards and to swap tokens in a decentralized way. Yield farming will become available on the exchange starting from March 14. Data provided by DefiLlama shows that the current total value locked (TVL) of Minswap constitutes $48.87 million.

Cardano’s DEX Minswap Announces Audit Completion

Whale Alert reports that XRP whales are actively shifting large amounts of the cryptocurrency between private wallets. On March 8, an unknown wallet (allegedly tied to Bithumb crypto exchange) sent $55 million worth of XRP to a wallet ending in BZcEXg. The recipient wallet currently holds 60 million XRP coins and sent 30 million coins to two other addresses later that day. Since the recipient wallet is constantly receiving large transactions from various addresses, it is either tied to the exchange or is actually the address of a crypto-related service.

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