Newspaper headlines: West 'to arm' resistance, and cyber-attack warning –

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The Observer reports that secret talks are under way between Western allies over how to arm what they expect to be fierce Ukrainian resistance in the event of a Russian invasion.
It says the degree of military assistance and the extent to which it is overt is still under discussion.
The West would not wish to be seen to be fomenting a futile and bloody resistance that was risking a wider conflict between Nato and Russia, the paper adds.
The Sunday Telegraph leads on warnings by Home Secretary Priti Patel and the head of the National Cyber Security Centre that Russian President Vladimir Putin may be preparing a cyber assault on British interests – and companies and public services should take "pre-emptive measures" to defend themselves.
It says Britain is seen to be a potential target, having taken a leading role in calling out Mr Putin's aggression – and threatening severe consequences in the event of any invasion.
According to the Sunday Times, thousands of leaked documents show that about a dozen of the most generous Conservative Party donors have been granted access to senior ministers and advisers during the pandemic.
It says that, as Boris Johnson was taking controversial and difficult decisions, some of Britain's wealthiest people were given unique opportunities to question his team and offer their views on the government's direction.
A Conservative spokesman tells the paper that, on occasion, senior Tory politicians – just like senior Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians – do in fact attempt to raise funds for their party.
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The Mail on Sunday reports that the former deputy prime minister Sir Nick Clegg – now a senior executive at Facebook – is at the centre of a Whitehall leak inquiry after ministers raised concerns he was receiving secret information about government proposals to regulate the tech giant.
It says Whitehall officials fear he is being fed sensitive details about what is being planned, and have launched a major hunt for the suspected mole.
For its lead, the Sunday Mirror says the Home Office has ordered an investigation into racist slurs made by staff at a firm it pays to run detention centres and remove migrants from Britain.
According to the paper, the WhatsApp messages were posted by workers at Mitie.
A whistleblower tells the paper: "Casual racism amongst workers towards those they are supposed to look after is disgusting."
The paper says the company has suspended some staff.
Finally, retailers are trying to tempt online shoppers back to their stores with what the Sunday Times calls "immersive experiences".
On offer at various department stores are breathing exercise classes, tutorials on mastering a homemade pizza, an après ski bar and an art installation.
The paper says there are also boxing and yoga classes, gin tasting and baking workshops for children.
A director at one leading department store chain explains: "Shops need to be destinations and offer something that can't be experienced online."
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