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By BBC News

Most of the front pages show refugees in Ukraine – as the Sun puts it – "running for their lives".
It says innocents were slaughtered in an attack which the Daily Express describes as "pure evil".
The Times reports how civilians on the road from Irpin "threw aside their suitcases and plastic bags and dived under the trees for cover" as Russian mortars landed.
Next to a graphic photograph of a mother and her children slumped on the ground after being killed outright, the paper says the video of the attack has shocked the world – and the footage confirms that Russian forces are ignoring an agreement to offer safe passage to fleeing civilians.
The paper says that pausing to let civilians flee and then hitting them as they do so is a tactic that Russia has used before in Syria and Chechnya – the aim being to crush morale and beat people into submission.
Under the headline "'Barbaric' Putin rains downs terror" the Daily Telegraph describes how the journey was already nerve-wracking and difficult before the attack came, and says the family who died "didn't stand a chance".
It says the mortar shell exploded like an almighty thunderbolt leaving the family dead amid their bags.
The paper quotes a former chief prosecutor at the UN special court, David Crane, who is gathering evidence of potential war crimes.
He says there are "literally thousands of violations that have been committed in the last week".
The Telegraph writes that the Russian troops' tightening grip on Irpin, to the west of Kyiv, could be the first permanent foothold they have on the capital – their earlier efforts at lightning advances having largely been repelled.
The Guardian says indiscriminate Russian shelling threatens to turn the humanitarian crisis into genocide.
The Sun quotes the home secretary saying that all Ukrainian refugees will be allowed to come to Britain.
The papers reports that Priti Patel has vowed to relax existing rules after making a "harrowing" visit to the Ukrainian border.
It says that she intends to investigate the "legal options" to create a humanitarian route.
The message from the Daily Mirror about the refugees is "save them".
It says the British government has issued just 50 visas for those fleeing the fighting, and says we must do more.
The Financial Times says the West is weighing up banning Russian oil, which it says would have potentially serious consequences for the global economy. British officials are quoted as describing such a ban as a "drastic move".
The Daily Mail leads with comments from the professional head of the armed forces, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, that a Russian victory is not inevitable.
It says he gave the most optimistic assessment yet of how the conflict may end, saying the invasion was in a mess, and that Russian forces had been decimated.
The paper says the stalling of a convoy of hundreds of Russian vehicles and an estimated 15,000 troops is a "highly embarrassing example of ineptitude".
The Daily Telegraph reports another danger facing those fleeing the conflict – sex traffickers.
It says young women and unaccompanied children are being targeted and Polish police have made several arrests of suspected traffickers preying on the vulnerable, with the promise of a lift and accommodation.
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