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Boba Network integrates Cere’s solution for data storage and opens access to Cere Freeport for its users interested in operations with non-fungible tokens.
According to the joint official announcement shared by Boba Network and Cere Network, the two teams have inked a long-term strategic collaboration to advance tech development and data logistics.
As the partnership kicks off, developers can leverage the power of the Cere Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) while building on Boba Network’s Layer 2 infrastructure.
Cere’s DDC is the most powerful blockchain-based data storage solution: it allows users to store encrypted transactional data in a decentralized, secure and resource-efficient manner. Data replication and integrity on DDC are guaranteed by service level agreements (SLAs).
Also, to achieve the maximum level of regulatory compliance, data processors can implement region restriction technology: for instance, DDC can connect this or that product to nodes located in North America only.
Greg Harduk, marketing partnerships manager at Boba Network, is certain that the data architecture of his platform becomes more secure and protected than ever before:
Cere Network brings exciting new options to Boba builders and users – letting them own and manage their data and digital assets with more control and features than ever before.
Also, Boba Network allows its users to access Cere Freeport solution, a secure digital asset vault and solution ecosystem for NFTs and backed assets.
Cere Freeport allows users to control NFT-backed assets with end-to-end encryption, decentralized identity manaagement and Web2/Web3 registration instruments.
Fred Jin, co-founder of Cere Network, highlights the importance of the integration for the transparency, decentralization and usability of his platform:
By leveraging Cere’s DDC, Boba network’s users will get important tool kits to secure their NFTs and will easily be able to access and share their assets for generations to come. Additionally, Cere Freeport will reduce the barriers of entry for Boba users in creating, securing, and delivering NFT-powered products and experiences.
As covered by U.Today previously, Cere Network partnered with LiveOne broadcasting platform. Together with Polygon (MATIC), it provides the technical basis for LiveOne’s NFT distribution.

LiveOne Platform Partners with Cere and Polygon, Teases Own Token Launch

Personalized NFTs for LiveCoin are minted through DaVinci, a joint product of Polygon Network and Cere engineers.

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