Newspaper headlines: Putin 'cannot stay' and duke's Caribbean promise –

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A speech delivered by Joe Biden in Poland in which he appeared to suggest Vladimir Putin could not remain in power features on a number of Sunday's front pages.
The Observer says the speech signalled a "dramatic shift in US policy" and an intention to position the US "as a leader in global affairs after four years of disengagement during the Trump administration".
The Telegraph is more critical of Mr Biden, saying he went "off script" and had left US policy "in chaos". It says the Kremlin is likely to seize on them "to bolster its claims that Nato is an aggressive alliance".
The online-only Independent reports that the majority of UK voters think the government should ditch visa requirements for Ukrainian refugees and allow unlimited numbers to seek sanctuary in the UK. A poll for the paper found that one in five people believed visas should be necessary for those fleeing the violence.
The Mail on Sunday focuses on a statement released by the Duke of Cambridge to mark the end of his Caribbean tour and what it sees as an admission that he may never succeed the Queen as head of the Commonwealth. The Sunday People leads on the same story, with the headline "Will of the people", while the Mirror goes for: "Wills: let the people decide".
On its front page, the Sunday Express carries a warning for the government: "Solve cost of living crisis or you'll lose election".
It comes after a poll for the paper suggested that 63% of people don't think Chancellor Rishi Sunak did enough to help them with the cost of living in his Spring Statement on Wednesday.
Tory MP Philip Davies is quoted saying: "We must go further and faster in cutting people's taxes and putting more money in people's pockets."
Such action may already be on the way, according to the Sunday Times. The paper suggests the chancellor is considering proposals to give households another Council Tax rebate. It says he's doing so "after his Spring Statement failed to allay panic in Number 10" about the impact of inflation.
And the Star reports that a group of nudists are planning to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with a barge cruise on the Thames. The headline reads: "Crown jewels surprise for Queen."
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