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Eligibility rules for social housing in Jersey will change this week
At a glance
Jersey's government changes the eligibility rules for accessing social housing through its online gateway
Those aged 40 and above without children can apply – a reduction from 50 years old
The housing minister says changes will "better reflect the true need for social housing in the island"
More islanders will have access to social housing as eligibility rules are set to change on 1 April, a States deputy says.
The Government of Jersey has changed its criteria for renting States-owned housing through its online gateway.
The criteria has been updated with the introduction of the Fair Rents Plan, external.
Housing Minister, Deputy Russell Labey, said the gateway would introduce "more fairness" to its eligibility rules.
“The updated criteria means that more islanders will be eligible for social housing.
"An expanded gateway will introduce more fairness to the eligibility rules and better reflect the true need for social housing in the island,” he said.
Changes include:
Entry age for those without children will reduce from 50 years old to 40
Single income limit of £40,000 per annum will be replaced by 'multiple limits' to reflect households, with new limits ranging from £23,000 up to £64,000
A household savings limit of £70,000 will be introduced
Islanders who have already applied will have their current positions "preserved".
Mr Labey said it would further reduce the application age for islanders without children to 25 by 2025.

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