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Can someone please tell me what the news value of these sentiments is in April 2022?
If Baal is good to us, sometime before the 2024 presidential cycle gets (you will pardon the expression) serious, the New York Times will run out of Ordinary Joes who can favor us with the view from over the Meatloaf Special. Now, it seems that the NYT has opened its own diner—The Grey Lady, Open All Nite—and invited these exurbanauts to come to the newspaper instead.
Here’s an Ordinary Joe actually named…Joe.
Here’s an Ordinary Joe named…Danny.
And then there’s…Robert.
Can someone please tell me what the news value of these sentiments is in April of 2022? It’s the same self-pitying whine we’ve been hearing from the heartstrings of American conservatism since the mid-1960s. It has been constant. It is as reliable as an echo in a canyon.
Of course, in 2016, it found an amplifier that allowed it to drown out reason and logic. That said, we’ve heard all this before, over and over again, even if you only began following politics a week ago. Hell, the former president* held a rally in North Carolina this weekend that was a predictable festival of hidebound white grievance. There was nothing newsworthy in what he said, and there is even less value in letting Joe, Danny, and Robert vent in the pages of the New York Times in a fashion that can be heard from any barstool. We all know the sound of crumbling privilege. We’ve become deafened by it.


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