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Pakistan’s removed leader did not violate the Constitution and the only way forward for the country now is a general election, says lawyer and columnist Saad Rasool.
The claims that Imran Khan’s government violated the constitution are barely tenable. Before his removal, the constitution was still in place, the courts were still working, the parliament was in session, the democracy was still functioning.
The American government was, however, unhappy with his recent visit to Russia. They thought he picked a side by visiting Moscow in February, and decided “Pakistan would be punished and isolated by the West if Imran Khan remains in power.”
The public support for Imran Khan in Pakistan, however, cannot be denied. It cannot be denied by the new government, by other political parties, by state institutions, or by the Supreme Court. In fact, it cannot be denied by Pakistan’s allies across the world, including the United States.
Lawyer Saad Rasool explains why he believes the only way forward for Pakistan now is a general election.
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