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The Guardian says Boris Johnson's decision to put nuclear power at the heart of the UK's new energy strategy has split senior Conservatives and enraged environmentalists.
Whitehall sources have told the paper rows over the plan continued right up until the eve of publication – with one describing the process as "chaos".
The Daily Telegraph describes the prime minister as a "newly found evangelist" for nuclear power – and says he got his way over the Treasury about the scale of increase in capacity.
The Daily Mail warns it's "unclear" how the government can achieve its new target of generating 95% of Britain's electricity from nuclear and renewable sources by the end of the decade without bills rocketing.
The Times says the UK is drawing up plans to send armoured vehicles to Ukraine – as military chiefs believe the next three weeks will be critical in determining the outcome of the war.
The Daily Telegraph has spoken to Ukrainians who've returned to their homes near Kyiv following the withdrawal of Russian troops. One woman says her garden was destroyed by soldiers who told her they were digging her grave before they were forced to retreat.
The Financial Times reports comments by the mayor of Mariupol – who said Russian mobile crematoriums had begun incinerating the bodies of people killed in the city as part of efforts to "cover their tracks".
The non-dom status of the chancellor's wife is the main news for the Daily Mirror – which says Akshata Murty "may be spared paying millions in UK taxes" while Rishi Sunak "raids the nation's wallets" following yesterday's rise in National Insurance payments.
According to the Times, Ms Murty has explained that the status is a result of her Indian citizenship – because the country does not allow its citizens to hold dual nationality – but the paper says experts have claimed there are ways for her to keep the citizenship but end her non-dom status.
The i says the revelation has come at a bad time for Mr Sunak – after his approval ratings plummeted over his handling of the cost-of-living crisis.
Yesterday's comments by Mr Johnson about gender and identity are highlighted by the Daily Mail. "Finally, A Voice Of Common Sense", says its headline – after the prime minister said he believed biological males should not be allowed to compete in female sports.
The Daily Express says Mr Johnson's intervention in the debate over transgender rights has been backed by former Olympians, including the swimmer, Sharron Davies, and the cyclist, Nicole Cooke.
The Women's Right Network has told the paper it too welcomes the prime minister's remarks – arguing it hopes they herald "a return to sanity" – where people can state simple truths without being accused of transphobia and unkindness.
The front page of the Sun features what it calls the UK's "biggest fuel heist" – after thieves allegedly stole diesel worth more than a quarter of a million pounds from a Royal Navy warship.
The paper says the crime took place over weeks at a naval base in Plymouth – with most of the stolen diesel sold off on the black market. The Ministry of Defence has told the Sun there was "no disruption" to defence operations.
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