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High-perfromance DeFi protocol Tetra is an all-in-one staking solution by Orbs Network (ORBS). Now its evolution and crucial metrics can be tracked through DappRadar’s dashboard.
According to the official announcement shared by the Orbs Network team in its blog and social media platfoms, its ecosystem reached a major milestone in terms of visibility and accessibility.
Tetra, the official staking wallet by Orbs, has been added to popular crypto website @DappRadar! 📡📡

With over 10,000 listed dapps, DappRadar is one of the best websites to explore, track and rank crypto dapps.

Read all about it here:https://t.co/AKVYkbYGTF pic.twitter.com/ymPAia2POw
DappRadar, a flagship decentralized applications monitoring dashboard, starts tracking Orbs Network’s staking module, Tetra. In a couple of clicks, DeFi enthusiasts can find all necessary information about Tetra.
DappRadar will display the indicators of Tetra perfromance alongside a brief description, ranking, GitHub links, social media links, adoption metrics and so on.
Orbs Network representatives highlight that this annoucement is of crucial importance for the next phase of Tetra’s audience progress:
Being listed on DappRadar makes Tetra discoverable for the wider blockchain audience. Their data brings transparency for all involved, allowing all to see unique active wallets and transaction volumes within the Orbs ecosystem.
Besides that, DappRadar listed a cutting DeFi option by Orbs Network, i.e., its multi-blockchain staking contracts. Being deployed across two major EVM blockchains, Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC), they amassed $200 million in equivalent in total volume locked.
The multi-chain staking platform for ORBS tokens is a pivotal element of the Orbs PoS V3 ecosystem, which guarantees a seamless cross-chain experience for its clients.

Orbs Introduces Multi-Chain Staking on Ethereum and Polygon: Details

As covered by U.Today previously, this option is designed to solidify Orbs Network as a go-to platform for cross-chain DeFi operations.

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