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The Israel lobby is attempting to remove my music from Spotify because of my support for Palestine, but I will not be silenced, says British rapper Lowkey.
A pro-Israel group is trying to remove my music from audio streaming service Spotify. They are claiming that my music incites violence – particularly because I use the word “intifada”. Of course, they are well aware that arguing this in a court of law would be very difficult, but they judge that Spotify may accept their justification.
They are trying to deprive me of a platform – and this is not happening only to me. Many other organisations with ties to Israel are working to silence most if not all public supporters of the Palestinian cause.
But I refuse to be backed into a corner where I silence my natural aversion to mass human suffering. I will not be bullied by organisations that have an umbilical relationship with the Israeli embassy.
British rapper Lowkey explains why he won’t back down – and why he believes the Israel lobby is in a lose-lose situation.
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