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  • Inflation Rises to 7.9 Percent for February 2022 – The New York Times

    Advertisement Jeanna SmialekYear-over-year changes in the Consumer Price IndexSeasonally adjustedSource: Bureau of Labor StatisticsBy The New York TimesPrices climbed at the fastest pace in decades in the month leading up to the war in Ukraine, underlining the high stakes facing the United States — along with many developed economies — as the conflict promises to […]

  • Everything Here Is Tabboo! – The New York Times

    AdvertisementSupported byFour decades into his art career, the painter Stephen Tashjian, a.k.a. Tabboo!, a downtown drag personage, has suddenly found success at an age when many are collecting Social Security.By Guy TrebaySo much has changed and so radically about New York over the 40 years since the artist Stephen Tashjian — best known by his […]

  • Russia could launch chemical attack in Ukraine – White House – BBC

    By Gordon CoreraSecurity correspondent, BBC NewsRussia could be planning a chemical or biological weapon attack in Ukraine – and "we should all be on the lookout", the White House has said.Press secretary Jen Psaki said Russia's claims about US biological weapon labs, and chemical weapon development in Ukraine, were preposterous.She called the false claims an […]

  • Boda-Bodas – the enduring menace of Kenya's motorbike taxis –

    In our series of letters from African writers, Kenyan broadcaster Waihiga Mwaura reflects on the latest outrage allegedly carried out by riders of motorbike taxis and asks why it seems so difficult to take action against them.Anyone driving in Kenya's capital knows they have to be aware of the motorbike taxis – known here as […]

  • Opinion | How Vladimir Putin Lost Interest in the Present – The New York Times

    AdvertisementSupported byGuest EssayBy Mikhail ZygarMr. Zygar is a Russian journalist and the author of “All the Kremlin’s Men: Inside the Court of Vladimir Putin.”Thanks to Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, Russia is now more isolated than it has ever been. The economy is under sanctions and international businesses are withdrawing. The news media has […]

  • Venezuela frees two jailed US citizens after talks – Al Jazeera English

    Move comes as Venezuela signals interest in improving relations with the US amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.Venezuela has freed two jailed United States citizens in an apparent goodwill gesture following a visit to Caracas by a high-level delegation from Washington, DC.One of the prisoners freed on Tuesday was Gustavo Cardenas, among six Citgo oil executives […]

  • Black Panther Ryan Coogler director mistaken for bank robber – BBC

    This video can not be playedThe director of hit superhero film Black Panther was mistaken for a bank robber as he tried to take money out of his own account in the US, a police report has revealed.Ryan Coogler was briefly arrested after trying to withdraw $12,000 (£9,100) from the Atlanta bank in January.The teller […]

  • US rejects Poland’s offer to send MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine – Al Jazeera English

    Pentagon says Polish proposal to transfer Soviet-era planes to Kyiv via US base in Germany is ‘untenable’.The United States has rejected Poland’s offer to send its MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine via a US airbase in Germany, saying the proposal raised “serious concerns” for the entire NATO alliance.Warsaw made the surprise offer on Tuesday amid […]

  • Lebanese fearful as fuel and wheat shortage deepens – Al Jazeera English

    The war in Ukraine has left cash-strapped Lebanon scrambling for alternative sources of fuel and wheat.Beirut, Lebanon – Saheer Ghazzaoui, a 24-year-old graphic designer, was already spending the majority of her income helping to provide for her family.But now, with fuel prices surging in Lebanon, and fears of wheat shortages as a result of Russia’s […]

  • Opinion | Cuomo? Oh, No! – The New York Times

    AdvertisementSupported byGail CollinsBy Gail CollinsOpinion ColumnistSo, people, how would you feel about an Andrew Cuomo comeback?Hey, get back here.New York’s former governor has been in the news lately, running a TV ad that portrays him as a totally-not-guilty victim of “political attacks.” It reportedly cost him around $369,000. This from an old campaign fund that’s […]